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3 Ingredient Chia Pudding

Customise your breakfast

Chia Seeds

As we known chia seeds' most amazing property is the secretion of a gel-like fluid when they come in contact with a liquid. When left to settle for a little longer this gel turns into a pudding like texture that will not only keep you satisfied but also satiated and energised!

The recipe is the best part, as it only involve 3 basic ingredients: chia seeds, milk of your choice, and toppings!

Step 1: pour two table spoons of chia seeds into a cup or small bowl.

Step 2: cover them with roughly 100 ml of milk (almond, oats, coconut, skimmed, etc. the choice is yours!).

Step 3: stir well and let settle for at least one hour; keep in mind that the longer it stays the denser it becomes so if you want it a bit runnier do not let it sit too much or eventually add some extra milk.

You can also let the mixture sit overnight.

Step 4: add your toppings! Fruit is an obviously and nutritiously delicious choice, but anything from granola to peanut butter can be a great option. It is really about personal taste and the energetic value one wishes to achieve.

These puddings offer a great way to vary your breakfast by changing and adding different milks and toppings; but they can also be eaten as a refreshing snack or a healthy dessert!

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